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All maintenance and repairs of central heating systems including:

Replacements of radiators, thermostatic valves and heating controls

Upgrade to heating controls giving a more efficient heating system

Power flushing heating systems

Chemical cleaning and inhibitor top ups

Boiler repairs and replacements to suit all budgets

Full central heating and hot water systems supplied and fitted to suit all budgets


Eheatingconomy advice: On your heating system and how efficiency’s can be made.

Boiler Servicing: Service boilers to manufactures instructions.

Central Heating installation



heating-services-radiator-installationRadiator Swaps: Swap an old/ leaking radiator with a new efficient model.

Thermostatic Radiator Valve replacement: Have more control on how hot you heat each room in the house.


Power Flushing: is a process that involves connecting your heating system with a purpose flushing machine. this will improve efficiency within the system and remove any cold spots out of old radiators. recommended for system upgrades.